It’s a Way of Life! We Care for You and the Ones You Love!

From Our Resident Families
“Thank you for being such a wonderful team of caregivers. You are truly a blessing to our community and to the families you serve.”
“I appreciate your efforts to make my mother’s final days peaceful and dignified. You went above and beyond to accommodate her needs and wishes. We will always remember your generosity and support.”
“Thank you for the care you provided for my husband. He didn’t want to be in a nursing home, but there was no choice. We observed how you cared for a close friend of ours through the years and decided Morningside was the best place for my husband.”
“No one looks forward to leaving their home and giving up their independence, but it is comforting to know Morningside Center and their caring, hard-working and dedicated nurses and staff are here for you and your family members when that time comes.”

Morningside Nursing Home Center

Morningside Center is a District nursing home, a nonprofit governmental entity owned by the taxpayers of Livingston County. We are governed by a local elected six member Board of Directors.

Admission Process

Thank you for considering Morningside Center in your search for a nursing home which meets your personal needs. You may complete the application online, or for more information contact the Admissions Coordinator, or call our facility at 660-646-0170. Completed application places potential resident’s name on a no-obligation waiting list.

Financial Resources


Where do I begin?

A visit to the doctor to inform them of your intentions of admitting a family member to the nursing home. A physician must approve the admittance to the nursing home.

Do you have a house physician or can I keep my own personal physician?

Morningside center does not utilize a house doctor and we encourage you to keep your own physician.

Does Medicare pay for nursing home cost?

Medicare covers room and board charges for a short stay in the nursing home when a three-night hospital stay has occurred and your doctor feels you have a skilled need requiring skilled nursing or skilled therapy.

What does Medicare pay for?

Medicare covers the cost of room and board charges, medication charges, and therapy charges if a three-night hospital stay has occurred and skilled criteria is met for the first 20 days. After the 20 days a co-pay is required by Medicare. Usually, Medicare supplemental insurance covers the co-pay if Medicare is primary.

What should I bring to the nursing home?

Whether someone comes to a skilled nursing facility for a few days or for long-term care, we want them to feel like they are at home. Light clothing and personal items should be brought along with items that will warm their heart, such as family photos, small keepsakes or a treasured blanket or pillow.

We encourage you to visit the facility ahead of time to see what items would be most appropriate. Unlike assisted living communities, our skilled nursing facilities provide basic furniture and toiletries. However, items that can help provide comfort during a patient or resident’s stay would be welcome.

Do you have a stylist and what services are included?

We do have a full-time stylist who is employed by Morningside Center. For the ladies, our stylist will wash and set your family member’s hair and provide manicures. Scheduled times are once a week with touchups as needed. Chemical processing is $25.00 each. For the men, our stylist will provide haircuts, and facial hair trimming. Nail care is provided as needed by stylist.

How do I apply for assistance in paying for nursing home costs?

You can visit the Missouri Department of Social Services website for information regarding how to apply for Vendor Medicaid services to assist with long term care cost. (hotlink to

How long can my family member stay at nursing home under the Medicare skilled benefit?

While the average length of stay in a skilled nursing facility can be three to four weeks depending on the condition, every patient’s road to recovery is unique and based solely on the individual care plan and therapy progress. Medicare does allot for 100 days of skilled service.

What should I leave at home?

While we encourage people to bring a few personal items, please leave jewelry, valuables, large amounts of money, purses/wallet, electrical items, including extension cords, space heaters and electric blankets at home.

Only hospital grade power strips with the UL 1363 rating may be used.

When will therapy start? How often will I receive therapy services?

Therapy usually begins within 24 hours of admittance; skilled therapy is five times a week for each discipline ordered. Generally, therapy is Monday through Friday, but there are exceptions in which it may occur on weekends.

Do I bring my own personal medications?

No, all medications-even over the counter medications- must be administered by our staff members, if you want your family member to have medication at bedside the physician will have write an order, have the resident complete a competency assessment and keep medications locked in a drawer.

What pharmacy can I use?

While we encourage people to bring a few personal items, please leave jewelry, valuables, large amounts of money, purses/wallet, electrical items, including extension cords, space heaters and electric blankets at home.

What is your policy on VA medications?

While we encourage people to bring a few personal items, please leave jewelry, valuables, large amounts of money, purses/wallet, electrical items, including extension cords, space heaters and electric blankets at home.

Can I spend the night with my family member?

In special circumstances overnight stays are approved by the Administrator.

Can I eat a meal with my family member?

Yes, guest meals are $4.00 each; 24-hour notice is needed for a party of 4 or more.

Do you provide transportation to doctor appointments?

Yes, we provide transportation to doctor’s appointments. We have handicap accessible vehicles, if needed. We prefer that our scheduling department schedules the appointments. You are welcome to meet us at the appointment or a nurse will call after to update you. We encourage you to be involved with your family member’s care.

Can I bring our family pet to visit?

Absolutely! We welcome most family pets, including dogs and cats. Pets will need to be on a leash or in kennel, but can move in the room freely. Please remain with your pet during visit. Pets are not allowed in the dining areas. We may request vaccination records and some breed restrictions apply.

Brighten up a resident’s day…  they love to hear from you!

Messages will be printed and distributed Monday through Friday and are typically delivered the next day. No deliveries on the weekend. Messages can be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Morningside Center is happy to provide this service for free.

Living at Morningside Center Includes
  • Salon Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance Free
  • Family Gathering Area
  • Religious Services
  • Smoke-Free Campus
  • Wireless Internet
  • Satellite TV
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Three Meals & Snacks Provided Daily

Events at Morningside Center

We understand that the smallest details can make the biggest difference.